Open wine cellars of Pelješac

Open doors of Pelješac wine cellars is a event where all vineries from region open their doors for visitors, all accomanied with traditional dalmatian music.

Ston Wall Marathon

Run on the longest wall in Europe is a unique event for all participans of marathon. This unique sports and cultural event guarantee an amazing exeperience for all sport and nature lovers.  

21. mednarodni čipkarski festival v Lepoglavi

21. mednarodni čipkarski festival v Lepoglavi bo potekal od 21. do 24. septembra 2017. Tema festivala je Dediščina evropskih čipkarskih šol in je posvečena 80-ti obletnici ustanovitve Banovinske čipkarske šole v Lepoglavi. Država partnerica letošnjega festivala je Republika Nemčija.

Z dediščino evropskih čipkarskih šol se bodo obiskovalci lahko seznanili na bogatih razstavah, zanimivih delavnicah in predavanjih. Lepoglava bo obiskovalcem v času festivala ponudila vrsto spremljajočih kulturno-zabavnih dogodkov s poudarkom na povezovanju kulturne in naravne dediščine.

Čipkarski festival je nosilec oznake "Remarkable festival" Evropskega združenja festivalov (EFA) za leti 2017/2018. Ta oznaka v glavi Festivala zagotavlja kakovost vsebine in produkcije. S tem je festival postal del skupnosti festivalov, ki izstopajo po umetniški kvaliteti in imajo pomemben vpliv na lokalni, nacionalni in mednarodni ravni.

Offshore world challenge

We are very proud of this competition because it is not only a Croatian national competition but an international one instead, and all the more so because it represents a true competition which brings together Croatia and Italy, the two friendly states sharing the one Adriatic sea.

This year will see over 20 Italian teams out of a total of 48 international teams that fight to win in order to qualify to compete at the world championship because this is what this tournament is: it is the Offshore World Championship qualification tournament.

Tunalicious street food festival at the main boardwalk at 8 pm with free tuna meals.

During the three-day competition you will see the big game fishermen go out every day in the hunt for the biggest fish.

Be a part of the everyday official weighing of the daily catch on the main boardwalk and don't miss out on the Tunalicious Street Food Festival where all gastro enthusiasts are sure to have a memorable experience.

Poreč & Big Game 4 Tuna Club invite you to be part of this magnificent encounter of tuna delicacies coupled with delicious Istrian wine!

Porečki Povijesni Festival – Giostra

Poreč Historical Festival – Giostra gathers over 250 participants in costumes who, throughout the 3 festival days, evoke for the spectators life in the Baroque period thus making it a unique festival in Croatia. This cultural, educational and tourist manifestation stems from historical facts, so most of its events are connected to the 18th century. The central festival event, which also gave Giostra its name, is a knight tournament Giostra, reconstructed from the rules of a tournament held in Poreč in the year 1745.


You will be greeted by:

- Gorgeous ladies and handsome gentlemen in baroque costumes

- Baroque music

- Knight tournament

- Historical knights’ camp (military encampment)

- Local produce and old trades

- Poreč 18th century local fauna

- theatrical performances

- Drummers

- Flag jugglers

- Swordsmen

- Street entertainers.


Live Giostra this September. We are expecting you.


For all dalmatian music lovers, in Žuljana is organized "evening of traditional vocal groups".

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