Iron Maiden European tour

Following the massively successful global tour of 2016-17 in support of their 16th studio album The Book Of Souls IRON MAIDEN will take to the road again in 2018 with a series of arena and festival shows in Europe on the Legacy Of The Beast World Tour opening in Tallinn, Estonia on May 26and finishing at the o2 Arena, London on August 10. The date of the concert in Zagreb is July 24th 2018. The full European tour schedule can be found on and the tour is expected to continue in 2019.

The concept for the Legacy Of The Beast World Tour was inspired by Maiden’s mobile game and comic book of the same name and the stage set design will feature a number of different but interlocking “worlds” with a set list covering a large selection of Eighties material with a handful of surprises from later albums to add diversity.

Maiden manager Rod Smallwood explains further,

“As our fans know, we’ve been following a particular touring cycle ever since Bruce and Adrian re-joined Maiden at the start of the millennium, alternating new album tours with “History/Hits” tours. We enjoy working this way for many reasons, not least because it gives the band a chance to play both new material and the older favourites which we know fans like to hear. It keeps things fresh, not just for the fans but for the band too.

“For this History/Hits tour we decided to base the theme around the Legacy Of The Beast name,  which suits our purposes perfectly by giving us scope to get creative and have some fun, especially with Eddie! I don’t want to give too much away at the moment but we’re working on a number of different stage sets, all in keeping with the Maiden tradition and we hope to give our fans a fantastic experience when they come to see this very special show.”

Most shows go on sale Friday 24th November, please check for full details.  As always, there will be an exclusive presale for Fan Club members, starting Monday 20th.

Du Motion

This two-day sports and recreational event combines the growingly popular Dubrovnik Half Marathon, an exclusive Run the Wall race around the iconic City Walls, a 5K charity race for citizens and a children's race. Runners will also have the opportunity to visit Du Motion Expo and enjoy other various programs.

Previous editions of Du Motion attracted runners from over 50 countries and judging by the numerous queries already received, the best organized Croatian running event will reaffirm its status in 2018.

Dubrovnik attracts many recreational athletes and sport enthusiasts with its excellent atmosphere and interesting panoramic tracks that explore the Old City and along Dubrovnik's coast, as well as with a variety of runners packages guaranteeing great time for anyone wishing to explore the beauty of the city.

Live Nativity Scene

Young men and women from the Cenacolo Community, once trapped in the world of drugs and alcohol, see the birth of Jesus as their own rebirth. It is therefore not in the least surprising that their deeply felt performance exudes a special kind of energy, thus conveying comfort and peace to all the onlookers. Jesus' crib, the manger, people of Bethlehem, farm animals, the three wise men from the East and the shepherds will take you back to the time of Jesus' birth and add a whole new layer to the Advent atmosphere.


Lepota Opatijske riviere pozimi je tako privlačna, da se ji niti Dedek Mraz ne more upreti, in tedaj iz Laponske pride v svojo „rezidenco“ nameščeno na Učki – globoki sneg ter sani, ki jih vlečejo konji, so prava scenografija za druženje s simpatičnim bradatim dedkom na Božični pravljici v Parku narave Učka. Med tremi dnevi sredino decembra, ta dogodek predstavlja užitek za otroke in njihove starše.


Ko se za večino maratoncev sezona že konča, Evropa pa si nadene zimska oblačila in smuči, se v sončni Crikvenici pripravlja prava športna poslastica, z nazivom Adria Advent Maraton. Maraton se odvija ob vsakem prvem adventu v letu. Čeprav mlad, je Adria Advent Maraton že na svoji premieri leta 2011 pokazal velik potencial in posebnost, zbral in združil maratonce iz vsega sveta, ki so prvič v zgodovini Crikvenice ob morju tekli skupno 42.195 m. Brez strahu, da bodo okusili le polovico užitka, se lahko tisti nekoliko manj zdržljivi, amaterji in ostali preizkusijo v polmaratonu, ki je dolg 21.975 m. Impresiven prizor teka ob morju, prijetno druženje, strast za šport in rekreacijo ter izziv sodelovanja so le nekateri od razlogov za obisk Crikvenice, v času, ko poteka maraton, ki se nahaja tudi v sklopu tekmovanj Hrvatske udruge za cestovno i planinsko trčanje (Hrvaškega združenje za cestni in gorski tek).


Adventni in božični prazniki so vreme magije ki se razširi na zgodovinsko središče mesta. Aktivnosti in naprave za vso družino, drsališče, občasno prodajo in pravljica vzdušje okrašena mesta, vas vabimo, da se družijo in uživajo.

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